World’s First Complete Electronic Viewfinder for Digital Cameras


image_49848_largeimagefile World's First Complete Electronic Viewfinder for Digital CamerasKopin has released the world’s first complete electronic viewfinder for use in digital cameras. The CyberEVF 230K will be sold to OEMs for implementation in high-zoom, high-resolution (6+ megapixel), extra slim cameras. With a tiny size measuring 17mm x 23.5mm x 25mm the CyberEVF is 2/3 the depth and less than half the volume of competing EVF modules.

With a 15x image magnification and a 23-degree field of view, the viewfinder will generate a high-resolution vivid 320 x 240 pixel image with virtually no distortion or colour aberrations. Even in direct sunlight the display claims to maintain crisp and clear images for the ultimate control of your image.

Samples are available to manufacturers immediately, hopefully we will see it in use later this year.

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