Sony Ericsson MMV-200 Bluetooth Media Center Connecting Phone to Hi-Fi

image_50338_largeimagefile Sony Ericsson MMV-200 Bluetooth Media Center Connecting Phone to Hi-FiIn an attempt to bring your mobile phone content to your living room, Sony Ericsson has developed a Bluetooth enabled Media Center, the MMV-200. Your Bluetooth enabled phone can connect to Sony’s Media Center which in turn connects to your TV or stereo allowing you to view or listen to your collection on your home entertainment center.

Any Bluetooth enabled phone (not just Sony Ericsson ones) can connect to the device. For phones without Bluetooth, the MMV-200 also includes a multi-card reader that supports different storage formats, allowing you to share your pictures and audio with your friends directly from your card. No word on the size of the internal memory on the MMV-200, but hopefully it will be upgradeable with different media cards.

If you were to bundle this device with the new Sony Ericsson W800 Walkman phone, you would have a great MP3 solution for your home stereo.

It is still unknown as to exactly which audio and video formats or memory cards will be supported, we will update this information once it is known.

The Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Media Center MMV-200 will be available in the second quarter of 2005. Pricing was not announced.

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