New Dell Gaming and Entertainment Laptops, XPS Gen 2 and Inspiron 9300

These days laptops are becoming more and more like desktop replacements. Dell is trying to harness that trend with their new laptops aimed at gamers and entertainment buffs.

The new Dell XPS Gen 2 is Dell’s new gaming laptop that features NVIDIA’s new GeForce GO 6800 Ultra graphics card which sports an amazing 256MB of video ram. That’s not all it features; 17-inch widescreen display, Intel Pentium M 2GHz processor, and can be customized for up to 2GB of ram (512MB standard). The laptop will start at a base price of $2,749 US and is available now on Dell’s website.

On the other end, we have the new Inspiron 9300 which features a 17-inch widescreen display, 64MB video card (upgradeable to 256MB), and up to a 2 GHz processor. The 9300 wasn’t available to order on Dell’s website when we checked, but keep trying as I’m sure it will show up soon. When it shows up, expect to see the base price of around $1,599 US.

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