Pantech PH-S6000 Motion Activated Mobile Handset

Pantech today announced a 6-axis censored mobile handset for motion-activated commands. The Pantech PH-S6000 phone sensors consist of one 3-axis geomagnetic sensor and a 3-axis acceleration sensor; these detect the movement and direction of the phone. With this technology it can record calorie and distance based on walking, running and the direction you are going with altimeter.

The games included are clever, a fishing game, which you would make a casting type motion with your mobile phone to send out your line. I can’t wait to see a boxing game, except Pantech may get a lot of these phones sent back for repair if people get too excited with them. The PH-S6500 also sports a built-in MP3 player, megapixel camera with mechanical shutter, mobile banking security and GPS, of course its only available in Korea at this time.

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