Nokia Ready to Axe the N-Gage?


So far it’s just a rumor, but rumors often come true in this industry. The Inquirer reports that Nokia is halting development and production on its portable gaming/phone system, the N-Gage. They also claim that “Nokia is plotting to get rid of its entire Bochum, Germany facility by Q1 2006. That’s not just N-Gage R&D we’re talking about, it’s the production facility as well.” With the poor sales they had last year, it doesn’t look good for the N-Gage.

The phone/portable gaming system concept is a great idea, but who can compete against the dominating players such as Nintendo and Sony. It reminds me of when I was but a wee young’in and my parents bought me an Atari Lynx system. Everyone had Gameboy, except me! My color Lynx was far more superior than the black and white Gameboy, but Nintendo dominated.

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