Lexar to Showcase 2GB Jumpdrive Lightning USB Flashdrive At CES2005

Lexar will be showcasing their new JumpDrive Lightning USB flash drive at CES2005. The drive will be 2GB and will be capable of read/write speeds of 160x (24 MB/Sec) read speed. Read speeds will be around 120x (18MB/Sec).

The portable JumpDrive Lightning will also be available in 512MB and 1GB.

Flash media keeps getting bigger and faster!

JumpDrive Lightning will be available in February at a suggested retail price of $279.99 for the 2GB.

See press release below.

Lexar Media, Inc., a leader in advanced digital media and accessories, today at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) exhibiting in the South Hall (booth #31574), introduced JumpDrive(R) Lightning, the latest addition to its vast line of USB flash drives. Lexar’s new premium product combines powerful read and write speeds and massive (2GB) storage capacities to provide first class portable data storage and transfer capabilities, all wrapped in a striking design.

JumpDrive Lightning is unrivaled in terms of capacity, software functionality and design. With a distinctive stainless steel casing, JumpDrive Lightning is capable of an impressive read/write speed rating of 120x (18MB/sec) minimum sustained write speed capability and 160x (24 MB/sec) minimum sustained read speed capability. It’s ideal for business professionals, power users and anyone looking for high performance storage, portability and the ability to save and carry large amounts of digital pictures, music, presentations or any other data files.

“JumpDrive Lightning clearly stands out as the top-of-the-line product among Lexar’s USB flash drive offerings providing the best we have to offer in read/write speeds with additional memory capacity and more advanced software. It incorporates the very best in portable data storage and transfer technologies,” said Bobby Billman, vice president of marketing, Lexar. “As our flagship product, JumpDrive Lightning is the epitome of USB flash drive capabilities combined with the ultimate in design.”

JumpDrive Lightning also provides data security and file synchronization, with flexible options to help keep important data safe and protected, even if the drive is lost or stolen. JumpDrive Lightning creates both password-protected and public areas on the drive. The public area is accessible by anyone using the JumpDrive, while the private area is password-protected and also encrypted with 256-bit AES. This makes it possible for users to easily share files, while at the same time securely limit access to sensitive or private information.

For added convenience, JumpDrive Lightning easily synchronizes files between a PC and the JumpDrive, putting the most current data at users’ fingertips at all times. In addition, convenient setup preferences can include or exclude subfolders or filter specific file types to be synchronized.

“Along with storage capacity, speed is often one of the most sought-after features that our customers want in a USB flash drive,” said David Klenske, director of product marketing, Lexar. “We’ve met this need with JumpDrive Lighting, providing a product capable of transferring very large files such as video clips and images, at an incredibly high speed.”

The portable JumpDrive Lightning will also be available in 512MB and 1GB, the 2GB capacity maintains top read/write speeds. All capacities are compatible with Windows 2000 and XP computers. JumpDrive Lightning will be available in February at a suggested retail price of $279.99 for the 2GB.

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