iCORE develops lowest powered cellphone processor; One year per charge


image_51506_largeimagefile iCORE develops lowest powered cellphone processor; One year per chargeThe Informatics Circle of Research Excellence (iCORE) High-Capacity Digital Communications Laboratory researchers have designed a computer chip that uses around 100 times less energy than current market-leading chips. The iCORE Processor, developed by Dave Nguyen and Chris Winstead, former engineering graduates of the University of Alberta, uses a new analog processing technology that is currently in use by Winstead, makers of the largest analog decoder chip ever fabricated.

The chip employs a new method of processing digital data via analog decoding, the result is an extremely lower level of power to execute its detection algorithm. No other chip has been recorded to function with such a low level of energy. With such a low level of energy consumption, theoretically, a cellphone could run for a full year on a single charge.

“It is well known that there is a power barrier for future increases in process speeds and device sizes, and to overcome this, the world needs a new, disruptive technology,” said Dr. Schlegel. “A fundamental new idea gave our team the edge, and we have been fortunate to have maintained a strong group here working on this technology for the last few years.”

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