PMP with Virtual 36-inch display glasses

PMP with Virtual 36-inch display glasses


image_51547_largeimagefile PMP with Virtual 36-inch display glassesA manufacturer in China has created a PMP type device with a goggle style LCD display for personal viewing. The glasses will project MPEG-1,2 and 4 video or JPEG photos onto a virtual 36-inch monitor and play MP3 audio all from the 20GB or 40GB controller. The combo price of the units are 3680 Yuan or $445 USD.

Specifications and Features

Unit – Digital GE DG-THDAV6

• 20gb & 40gb models
• Video Support: MPEG-1, 2 & 4
• View photos (JPEG)
• Support for PowerPoint presentation
• Support MP3 audio
• USB 2.0, Mass Storage Class
• Aluminum case
• Includes credit card style remote control
• 137 x 73.5 x 17mm
• Rebranded T.A. Ele. Intl. Co Ltd THD-AV6.

Glasses – Digital GE DG-TGVD300

• 36 inch monitor effect
• Horizontal resolution: 300
• Equivalent angle of view: 28
• Input signal: PAL
• Stereo sound
• Adjust volume, brightness, contrast gradient
• 260 × 180 × 80mm, 200g
• Optional wireless AV signal transmitter
• 5 hours playback on battery power