Orange 3G in the UK and France

image_51569_largeimagefile Orange 3G in the UK and FranceOrange this week unveiled seven 3G handsets for the French and British markets. They have spent over 7 billion euros on licensing high-speed 3G services which should be used by 10,000 customers in France by 2005 and around 2 million in Britian by 2007. The demand for high-quality mobile video, movie, music and TV services has spurred the large shift in 3G networks, T-Mobile UK and mmO2 are existing 3G carriers in Britian and France.

3G coverage from Orange will be available to 70% of the UK’s population with seamless 2G/3G handover. The handsets to be available in Britian will be the LG U8150, the Sony Ericsson Z1010, the Sanyo S750, the Samsung Z107, the Nokia 6630 and the Motorola C975. One cool feature about the service will enable users to communicate with each other over video and leave video Answerphone messages.

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