Skulls Trojan Mutates; Now a Virus and spreading via Bluetooth


The infamous Symbian OS Skulls Trojan has mutated into Skulls.B, adding new features like Bluetooth support (capable of spreading itself from over 25 feet away) and an additional Cabir worm. So it looks like the handset virus fighting game has begun, it took a lot longer to happen than you would expect, considering the current disastrous states 80% of the publics desktops are in.

Just like any virus out on the streets spreading itself, this can be prevented by simple COMMON SENSE. Do not open files if you don’t know what they are, disable automatic Bluetooth connections, and come on people, read the damn security warnings. Sure, it’s not as blatantly obvious as a pack of smokes, where you know your going to die because of them, but they do give you some type of warning.

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