Rollei DK4010 and DR5100 Digital Cameras

Rollei has announced two consumer digital cameras today, one four megapixel DK4010 and the five megapixel wideangle DR5100.

The DK4010 features a 10x zoom lens, 1.5-inch LCD display, 3.3 fps burst capture and 640 x 480-pixel movie mode. It will accept a wide angle and teleconverter lenses, while the DR5100 comes with a 28 – 85 mm wide angle zoom lens. The body is made from aluminum and has a slightly larger 1.8-inch LCD display, still smaller than the average 2.5-inch LCD which is seen a lot among newer cameras. Both use SD/MMC cards, except the DR5100 has an additional 16MB of internal storage.

image_51701_superimage Rollei DK4010 and DR5100 Digital Cameras
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