Fossil Announces new Wrist Net Smart Watch

The new Wrist Net Smart Watch from Fossil is considered to be a “smart watch”, it uses the MSN Direct wireless service to receive personalized news, weather updates, sports scores, stock quotes, horoscopes, lottery results, personal messages and entertainment news. This is part of the new Abacus watch brand Fossil has created; they will start at $129.00 USD.

Fossil has adopted the MSN Direct wireless service in all of their new tech-savvy watches, the standard service will run you $39.95 a year and offers the above mentioned features. For $20.00 more per year, you can choose to receive calendar appointment reminders via Outlook and personal messaging through MSN Messenger on your watch!

The first MSN Direct watch by Fossil was launched last year, it was hardly a desirable looking wrist piece.

While on the subject of Fossil watches, our sources have indicated that the Palm OS line of Fossil watches that were said to be discontinued earlier this year, may in fact be released sometime in 2005.

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