IEEE Starts Cellular Phone Battery Standard

A new standard, IEEE P1725 will be developed with the IEEE Standards Association Corporate Program. It’s main purpose is to make more robust cellular phone batteries, by setting uniform criteria for design, production and evaluation. I’m really glad to see something like this come around, with all the half-assed aftermarket batteries out there, hopefully this will toughen things up. The standard will focus on battery and battery pack electrical and mechanical construction, chemistries, process control, qualification and packaging technologies.

“IEEE P1725 will extend existing cell phone battery standards and help the industry meet future requirements,” says Jason Howard, Chair of the Cellular Battery Standards Working Group and Energy Technologies Manager at Motorola. “It will set the stage for batteries that deliver more power and more energy density so they allow for phones that continue to add new functions and accommodate more intense use as cell phones grow ever more central to peoples’ lives. Our ultimate goal is to improve the user’s experience even as batteries grow more complex by addressing the entire system from battery cells and packs to the handsets they power.”

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