Nikon to release three Consumer Digital Cameras this Fall

Along with the professional Nikon D2X, Nikon today unveiled three other consumer based digital cameras. The Nikon Coolpix 4800 is an entry level digital, with four megapixel sensor and 36 – 300mm for only $399. The Coolpix 8400 is a step up from the 4800, giving you eight megapixels, a wide angle 24 – 85 mm lens, 1.8-inch swivel and twist LCD monitor, electronic viewfinder and higher capacity battery for $900 USD.

Finally the Coolpix 8800 is the top end consumer camera capable of capturing 10 megapixel images without a shake, this is done by using the first ever Vibration Reduction system in a consumer camera. It also has an impressive 7mm to 6000mm equivalent lens system with 10 times optical zoom, it will retail for $1000 USD this fall.

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