Elegant M-Cody MX-100 MP3 Player


image_52661_largeimagefile Elegant M-Cody MX-100 MP3 PlayerMedian Co out of Korea has designed the M-Cody MX-100 MP3 Player with a 65,000 colour 6 line LCD display and IR remote control. The small flash memory based device will play for 35 hours on a single charge and measures a mere 82 x 32 x 21 mm, it weighs 42g with the built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This thing has all the current flash memory device player features, USB 2.0 and MP3/WMA/ASF/ WAV file support.

The MX-100 adds a few features we have never seen together in a single device this size, it allows for simultaneous FM recording and listening and FM broadcasting to a nearby radio, the colour display allows for image viewing and the remote controller feature will let you control your TV via infrared. Some other neat things are time viewer, several games and line-in recording.

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