NTT DoCoMo Announces Wi-Fi Phone Service


image_52880_largeimagefile NTT DoCoMo Announces Wi-Fi Phone ServiceNTT DoCoMo has announced their 3G/WLAN phone, the N900iL will be available in Tokyo for voice calling over Wi-Fi networks. The phone was originally designed to work only on NTT DoCoMo M-Zone hotspots, but for some reason it ended being released to work on all Wi-Fi networks, except the M-Zone.

DoCoMo is the only carrier to announce VoWi-Fi plans yet. Wi-Fi data only handsets will allow carriers to collect more Wi-Fi charges from users, it will also contribute to expanding mobile data networks. Carriers are beginning to realize that getting Wi-Fi and 3G or GPRS or EDGE to work in tandem is key.

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