CVS Pharmacy Offers Disposable Digital Camera with LCD


image_52909_largeimagefile CVS Pharmacy Offers Disposable Digital Camera with LCDCVS Pharmacy in the US will offer the first disposable digital camera with LCD screen. The $20 camera will store 25 photographs at 1.3 megapixels resolution and will allow users for the first time to instantly preview their snapshots on a 1.4-inch LCD and even delete ones they do not like. Other features include a fully automatic flash, metered exposure control and a 10-second self-timer function.

Once full, the camera can be returned to CVS stores for processing and receive film-quality prints and a compact disc. Another camera is available, minus the LCD screen for only $10. Both cameras are recycled after processing. This camera is an upgrade to the previous Dakota Digital model made by Pure Digital that sold for about $10 at Ritz Camera. It was hacked, people managed to solder a USB interface and get photos off it. I’m sure Pure Digital has added some trickery to prevent this from happening again.

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