Motorola Launches i833 Pininfarina Limited Edition Phone

image_52915_largeimagefile Motorola Launches i833 Pininfarina Limited Edition PhoneThe Motorola Pininfarina i833 is the latest phone designed with Ferrari and Maserati in mind. This is the first phone designed from the new Motorola and Pininfarina alliance.

“Looking at the cell phone industry, I noticed a contrast between the technological progress and a lack of emotion and aesthetic personality. That is my vision: to turn mobile communication into an emotional experience.” said Paolo Pininfarina, chairman and CEO of Pininfarina Extra, the division of the Pininfarina Group dedicated to non-automotive industrial design.

The Pininfarina Limited Edition Motorola i833 mobile phone has a titanium-colored finish and a sleek shape inspired by the lines of a Ferrari car. The housing features a translucent internal lens that gives customers a peek into the “hood” of the phone, a gas tank-shaped audio jack cover and grill-like bottom connector cover, making this product ideal for the high-end auto enthusiast as well as anyone who appreciates quality design and luxury. It also has a vibrant, 65,000-color internal display, walkie-talkie service for instant communication at the touch of a button from coast to coast and throughout much of the Americas, voice dialing and voice recorder, built-in speakerphone, external caller ID, GPS technology for location-based services, and Java technology for downloading ring tones, wallpaper designs, and applications. It will be sold with a leather pouch and unique desktop holder/pass-through charger.

The Pininfarina Limited Edition Motorola i833 mobile phone is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2004.

PS: If anyone has a better photograph please send it over.

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