Review: Pimpin Aint Easy Watch

Review: Pimpin Aint Easy Watch


image_53670_largeimagefile Review: Pimpin Aint Easy Watch“Pimpin ain’t easy, but somebody’s gotta do it.”  Is the moddo for this atrocious looking beast you are expected to strap to your arm. The silver PIMP watch with bright flashing blue LEDs will catch the eye of most people in a dark alley way to let them know you’re comin’.   It was sent to us from Tokyo Flash in Japan and is currently available in limited numbers for purchase online.  The retro style design with cubed bevels throughout the strap matches the grid-style face very nicely. This is not a cheap toy watch with cool flashy lights, this is a stylish piece of jewelery with descent craftsmanship; about as much so as that big bronze belt buckle and gator boots you’re wearing.   It has a bit of weight to it considering there are 72 blue LED lights packed into the face. Every two minutes the LEDs spin in a spiral flash causing a bout of nausea.  When you press the side button to check the time it spins prior to showing you just incase you stopped yakking too soon.

On the reverse side the word “Pimp” is engraved, along with the 3ATM Water Resistant and stainless steel back to remind you that you shouldn’t be playing underwater, you’re a pimp.

image_53670_superimage Review: Pimpin Aint Easy Watch

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