Belkin digital iPod Link lets you backup digital camera images


image_54311_largeimagefile Belkin digital iPod Link lets you backup digital camera imagesBelkin has released the Digital Camera Link for the Apple iPod portable media player. It simply connects with a USB cable to PTP-compliant digital cameras. Sadly it does not support the new iPod Mini, the unit will ship May 1st in North America for around $80.

The device uses software that is already built into your iPod (iPod software version 2.1 or later), the pictures are transfered quickly from your camera and you can begin shooting again. Later, just connect your iPod to your computer to retrieve the images.

“Our Digital Camera Link gets rid of the need to carry around multiple media cards,” explains Joe Jaconi, Senior Business Unit Manager. “Because the device is small and light — the same size as the iPod — it’s very convenient for travel.”


– Indicates power and data-transfer status
– Provides easy connection to your USB mass-storage-class camera
– Stows docking cable conveniently when not in use
– Works with third-generation iPod players (software version 2.1 or later)
– Includes 2 AA batteries
– Activates data transfer easily with recessed transfer button
– Not compatible with the iPod mini

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