HP offers PDA trade-in promo

HP offers PDA trade-in promo


image_54532_largeimagefile HP offers PDA trade-in promoHP today launched the iPAQ trade-in program for new purchases of the h1940, h1945, h2210, and h2215 models. The offer applies to almost any PDA in existence, and the rebate of your old working PDA is $50 USD or higher depending on the fair market value (FMV) determined by HP.

Unfortunatly the FMV is not all that fair, most PDAs will only get you $50, an excellent condition Sony Clie UX50 will get you around $125 trade-in, meanwhile they are selling for over $350 on eBay.

This is going on until July 10, 2004 within the USA and Canada, HP will even pay for the return shipping.

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