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Worldwide mobile phone sales top 500M units

Strong replacement demand in mature markets coupled with higher than expected growth in emerging markets combined to deliver a record number of units sold in the mobile phone industry in 2003. Worldwide mobile phone sales totaled 520 million units, a 20.5 percent increase from 2002 sales, according to Gartner, Inc.

“2003 sales surpassed industry expectations with the fourth quarter presenting a challenge to many vendors as they struggled to meet supply,” said Ben Wood, principal analyst at Gartner. “This unprecedented demand is set to continue in 2004 with the first quarter already looking strong. We’ve increased our market estimate for 2004 to 580 million units.”
Nokia continued to lead the worldwide mobile phone industry, and it became the market leader in North America. However, on a worldwide basis, it suffered a decline in market share. “Sustained competition and aggressive pricing from existing players, loss of share in Western Europe and an increasing number of small players, particularly in Asia/Pacific, presented challenges to Nokia,” Wood said.

Worldwide Manufacturer Sales to End Users of Mobile Terminal Devices in 2003

(Thousands of Units)

Company 2003 Sales 2003 % Market Share 2002 Sales 2002 % Market Share
Nokia 180,672.4 34.7 151,421.8 35.1
Motorola 75,177.1 14.5 72,852.6 16.9
Samsung 54,475.1 10.5 41,684.4 9.7
Siemens 43,754.3 8.4 34,618.0 8.0
Sony Ericsson 26,686.3 5.4 23,112.9 5.4
LG 26,213.7 5.0 13,797.6 3.2
Others 113,009.6 21.8 94,143.8 21.7
Total 519,988.5 100.0 431,631.0 100

Note: Table includes integrated digital enhanced network (iDEN) shipments, and wireless local loop (WLL). It excludes original design manufacturer (ODM) to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) shipments.

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