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RolleiFlex announces first ever twin-lens reflex digital camera

The Rollei Mini-Digi is the first twin lens type digital camera in the world. Since 1929 Rollei has been selling the 6x6cm format twin lens reflex camera.

The palm size camera sports a 1.1 inch LCD display is positioned at the top of the camera and can be viewed from above keeping with the original style.

The Mini-Digi uses a 2 megapixel sensor that captures images as large as 1,280 x 1,280 resolution. The fixed-focus F2.8 9mm lens and with shutter can be set between 1/15s and 1/7500s. The images are then stored on SD memory and can connect to your PC via USB.

The price was not officially announced, consumers can expect to pay around $350USD.

– 2 Mega sensor uses (square format)
– Lens: F 2.8 9mm fixed focus
– Depth of focus range: 0.5m – XXINF
– Shutter speed: 1/15 – 1/7500 seconds
– Exposure adjustment: Automatic operation
– White balance: Automatic operation
– Removable media: SD card
– Picture size: 1280×1280 pixel (high resolution mode)
640×640 pixel (it is low resolution mode)
– LCD: On substance top 1.1 inch color LCD built-in
– Finder: West level finder
– Power source: CR2
– Substance size: W49xH73xD45mm



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