Sony Ericsson T610 wins Best Handset at 3GSM World Congress


image_55218_largeimagefile Sony Ericsson T610 wins Best Handset at 3GSM World CongressLast night, the Sony Ericsson T610 camera phone was awarded the prestigious award for “Best handset, terminal or device” during the GSM Association’s 2004 Awards evening at the 3GSM World Congress.

“In the opinion of our independent judging panel, the Sony Ericsson T610 is a great phone, which is really easy to use for communication as well as imaging. They believed it opens up access to applications and technologies that people were not using before”, says Mark Smith, Communications Director of the GSM Association.

To further expand the usages of the T610, Sony Ericsson offers a wide range of accessories, such as the Sony Ericsson FM Radio handsfree HPR-20 or the Digital Bluetooth Music Player handsfree HBM-30. There is also a range of compatible car kits for safe driving. For those without a car or driver’s licence, the Car-100 is a matchbox-sized racing car which can be raced across the floor, controlled over Bluetooth with the T610.

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