VascoTrack miniaturizes GSM/GPRS GPS Tracking


The new V502 tracking device from VascoTrack is the smallest, lightest and lowest power GPRS device on the market today. The device, which is less than 15 mm thick, combines GSM/GPRS and GPS technology and can be used for a variety of asset and personal tracking applications.

The V502, which can be used in over 203 countries which to date operates on GSM mobile telephone networks, allowsing users to track assets or people to within one meter of their location. During the development of the device, VascoTrack recognised that one of the key limiting factors was the power requirements of existing devices. The V502 can operate as a stand-alone device for up to one year without recharging because of its low power needs. In addition using GPRS to transmit and receive data, users benefit from low communications charges.

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