New Analog Devices Wireless Engine Simplifies Design of Mobile Phones


(Press Release) — Analog Devices, Inc. announced today the availability of a new reference design for the development of GSM/GPRS wireless devices. ADI’s Nova Wireless Engine greatly simplifies the design of mobile devices by providing manufacturers with a complete and flexible platform that includes all of the components — both the hardware and software capabilities — necessary for the design of next-generation wireless products such as high-end camera phones, camcorder phones, multimedia phones, and video phones. The Nova Wireless Engine features ADI’s award-winning SoftFone baseband processor, Othello direct conversion radio, and X-PA power amplifier. A public demonstration of the Nova Wireless Engine will be featured at the upcoming 3GSM World Congress, February 23-26 in Cannes, France, at Analog Devices’ booth, Stand D60 in Hall 2.

“As wireless technology continues to develop in new regions throughout the world, it is increasingly important for manufacturers to be able to bring new handset designs to market quickly and cost effectively. Through our nearly 40 years of signal processing expertise, Analog Devices has built a portfolio of wireless products that has evolved from catalog components to complete chipsets and now to complete reference designs,” said Christian Kermarrec, vice president, RF and wireless systems, Analog Devices, Inc. “Cell phone designers can easily adapt the Nova Wireless Engine to meet their end-product requirements, usually with just minor software changes. Also, the ability to use the Nova Wireless Engine to support multiple phone models, each with varying degrees of functionality, is a tremendous competitive advantage for our customers.”

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