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DigiMemo A501 transfers Ink to Digital

(Press Release) —ACE CAD Enterprise Co., Ltd. (ACECAD), has announced the unique portable digital notepad – the DigiMemo A501 – a digital pad and an electronic inking pen.

The DigiMemo A501 is a standalone device with storage capabilities that digitally captures and stores everything you write or draw on paper, without the use of computers and special papers. Utilizing the electromagnetic technology, it allows you to affix any ordinary A5-size papers or notepad on the digital pad and write with ink. Without changing the way you work, it writes as well as a ballpoint pen on ordinary paper, but also digitally records your notes, ideas, drawings, sketches and flowcharts in the pad’s flash memory or optional CF card in real time. DigiMemo enables you to work in ways that you are familiar with, the ease of use and convenience of pen and paper.

The DigiMemo allows you to better manage all your handwritten notes more efficiently. After backing home or office, with the included edit software (DigiMemo Manager software), you can easily edit and organize your digital notes on PC individually or save as a book file (e-Book) and share with others via e-Mail.

With DigiMemo, you can have all the benefits of handwritten ink in paper hardcopy and the digital record of the pad’s memory or CF card.

“DigiMemo A501 is the ACECAD’s first product designed specifically for mobile applications. What the DigiMemo provides is the most natural way that people has done for thousands of years – using inking pen writing on paper – without changing the way you work. Take the DigiMemo wherever you go and write down whatever you want, and digitally store everything you write on paper. It’s designed to bring your daily life into the digital age,” said Henry Wu, President of ACECAD. “This device is an excellent fit for note-taking and form-filling markets where handwriting input is essential.”

DigiMemo A501 Features

· Natural pen and paper feel
The DigiMemo integrates the familiarity of pen-on-paper feel. It’s a digital notepad with an electronic inking pen that feels and works as well as a regular pen and paper. It lets you to naturally write as you usually do with normal pen and paper.

· Digitally capture & store everything you write on paper in real time

On the road, in class or during meeting, for fun or for work, the DigiMemo instantly captures and stores your notes, ideas, sketches, flowcharts and anything else in digital format in the pad’s flash memory or optional CF card, without the use of computers and special papers.

· Write through almost 15mm thickness of papers

No special papers needed! Utilizing the electromagnetic technology, it lets you put any ordinary papers on the pad and use the inking pen to write directly on papers. Even the thickness of papers laid on the pad is 15mm; your handwritten notes can still be captured and stored in the memory of DigiMemo.

· Expandable Memory Capacity

The DigiMemo is empowered to manage and record up to 999 pages in memory, depending on the memory capacity. Its built-in 8MB flash memory on board can store up to 40 sheets of A5 paper completely filled. Additionally, it enables you to increase the memory capacity by a supplemental CF card.

· Ergonomic Design – Portable, Ultra-Thin, Lightweight, Battery-Operated

– Digital Pad
The digital pad is operated by 4pcs AAA alkaline battery, yet its total weight including the batteries is less than 1.21 lbs (0.55 kg). The digital pad with ultra lightweight and appropriate size (overall dimension about A4 size), allowing it to be effortlessly held in one hand or in the lap and easily fitted into a briefcase, portfolio and any standard laptop bag. Its compact dimensions and ergonomic design allow it to be easily operated while you’re standing, sitting or reclining.

– Electronic Inking Pen

With the elegant and ultra-thin design, the pen writes as well as any regular ink pen. The ink cartridge (standard refill type: 67mm length x 2.3mm diameter), is easily replaceable and purchased at any stationary stores. Utilizing low power consumption design, it enables the pen (with type SR319 cell battery) to possess a long lifetime up to 1 year.

· Always have a digital record of your notes available, even you’re on the move

No computer needed! The innovative DigiMemo can be used to remember what your any ideas, sketches, thoughts, notes whenever you go. It enables your handwritten notes to be saved as digital format in the pad’s flash memory or optional CF card. You immediately get both a digital record and a hardcopy duplicate of the notes. Now you can always have a digital record of your notes available, even when you’re at meeting, in class, in a plane or on the road.

· Easily Organize Your Notes on PC

Your digital notes stored in the DigiMemo’s flash memory or optional CF card can be read later on PC for further organizing by a simple connection of DigiMemo to a computer via USB cable. After backing home or office, with the included edit software (DigiMemo Manager), you can easily view, edit and organize your digital notes in Windows or save as a book file (e-Book) and share with others via e-Mail.

DigiMemo Manager Software Features

· Allow you to easily edit and organize your digital notes on PC individually.

· Allow you to arbitrarily select specific pages of your digital notes stored in the DigiMemo’s memory, and edit them on PC.

· Allow your digital notes to be viewed as thumbnails – View your selected pages as thumbnails, add page(s) and remove page(s).

· Highlight, annotate, copy, paste, move or add texts or drawings on current digital page.

· Adjust ink color and line width, or change colors on the selected strokes.

· Save the digital pages you selected as a book file (e-Book) for easy management.

· Save the digital pages in JPG, BMP or GIF formats for easily sharing with others.

· Share your digital notes with others via e-Mail.

DigiMemo A501 Application & Market

Portable, lightweight and with storage capabilities, the DigiMemo A501 is designed as an optimum device for taking notes and form-filling applications.

For mass market, it’s well suited for sales people, consultants, executives, receptionists, secretaries, journalism, designers, engineers, architect, students, the elderly and anyone who need to take notes or keep their immediate ideas, sketches, thoughts and flowcharts wherever they go and whenever they want. It’s particularly useful and convenient for mobile professionals to record minutes during meetings, lectures, conferences or anywhere they usually need to take a note.

Additionally, this device is ideal for a variety of vertical markets including education, healthcare, insurance, legal, financial, news media, real estate, security, military, government and other industries where users are conducted away from a desk or in the field.

Not only for applications where jotting notes is needed, the DigiMemo is also for form-filling applications. Use the inking pen to write or select the checkbox on electronic form paper, the digital data is immediately stored in the DigiMemo’s memory. Then, the digital data can be further processed by form application on PC. No retyping or re-scanning is needed. You get not only the paper form hardcopy but also the digital data. For example, the insurance contract forms, examination papers, the speeding tickets, real estate contract forms, medical forms, maintenance forms, checklist forms.

This device is designed to give users the ability to be more productive and efficient in their daily lives, professional and business fields.



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