RIM Introduces New Color Blackberry 7510

The new BlackBerry model is basically the same as the 7200 series models except it now includes a speakerphone and a digital walkie-talkie. The walkie-talkie service is provided by Nationwide Direct Connect the coast-to-coast digital walkie-talkie service.


Currently you can only use this device on Nextel, which means anyone outside of the US is currently out of luck as it does not support GPRS/GSM networks.

The data and voice-enabled BlackBerry 7510 features:

- Phone, email, browser and organizer applications in a single wireless handheld
- Long-range digital walkie-talkie feature
- Speakerphone
- High Resolution 240×160 display supporting over 65,000 colors
- Ample memory for application and data storage
- Java development platform based on open standards
- Full-featured connected organizer with PC synchronization
- Integrated attachment viewing
- Powerful, compact form factor

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