World’s First Bone Conduction Cellular Phone

World’s First Bone Conduction Cellular Phone


Three TU-KA group companies has unveild the TS41 phone which uses bone conduction, a new technology that is targeted towards the elderly and hearing imparied.

Bone conduction is a method to transmit sound to the auditory apparatus using bone vibration in the skull through a “Sonic Speaker” that is on the outside of the phone. This method features greater loudness sensitivity so that phone users can hear the speaker’s sound more easily in noisy surroundings when pressing the phone to your face. According to the company, it is the world’s first cellular phone using bone conduction. NTT Docomo is also working on a phone that uses vibrations by putting your finger in your ear, and wearing a receiver on your wrist.

The phone has a main display of 2.1 inches, 176×132 dot, 65,536 color TFT liquid crystal, and external sub display of 1.0 inches, 64×64 dot, 65,536 color TFT liquid crystal.