Citizen Unveils Concept PDA

Citizen Unveils Concept PDA


image_56460_largeimagefile Citizen Unveils Concept PDACitizen Watch Company has introduced a miniature PDA concept considerably smaller than existing PDAs. The 60 x 90 x 9.3mm 16-colour grayscale PDA weighs only 70g. Just a bit bigger than a credit card, but still has a decent 240 x 320 LCD. The Un-named concept uses a 48MHz ARM720 processor.

The communication ports are IRDA, USB 2.0, and an SDIO slot that supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapters.

ITRON4 OS has been selected. The built-in Li-Ion battery gives approximately 30 hours of operation. The nameless concept will be priced at $200 at an undetermined release date.

image_56460_superimage Citizen Unveils Concept PDA

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