Shinsho, Majima Exhibit Recyclable Rewritable Paper Claimed as World’s First

Nikkei Electronics reports –Shinsho Corp and Majima Laboratory Inc exhibited a prototype of their recyclable, rewritable paper at CEATEC Japan 2003, held October 7-11 at Makuhari Messe, Chiba Prefecture.

The new product, called “Thermo-Mag,” should be available commercially in spring 2004, the companies said.

Rewritable paper is paper that can be reused indefinitely, using a dedicated rewritable printer. Companies such as Ricoh Co, Ltd and Toppan Printing Co, Ltd also are developing their own products. What distinguishes the Thermo-Mag prototype is that color selection is possible and the paper can be reused, according to the developers.

“These features weren’t possible with the rewritable paper developed to date,” a Majima spokesperson said.”

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