Ricoh Develops Rewritable Sheet with Embedded RFID Tag


image_56920_largeimagefile Ricoh Develops Rewritable Sheet with Embedded RFID TagNikkei Electronics reports — “The new sheet, which features an embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, is an addition to Ricoh’s series of “RECO-View Sheet” products — film sheets that can be repeatedly written on and erased by means of thermal printing. The film can be used to display the digital data stored in its own RFID tag.

The new A4 black and white sheet can be erased and rewritten between 500 and 1,000 times (depending on the conditions of use) using an RFID-compatible rewritable printer capable of reading the data contained in the tag. This means it will help save paper and thus benefit the environment. It will be ideal for use in applications involving management of distribution chains and process control systems.”

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