NEC Infrontia’s Wireless LAN Station Processes up to 20 Simultaneous VoIP Calls


NEC Infrontia will release on October 10 a wireless LAN system that incorporates its proprietary packet QoS control technology.

The system consists of the ST-Q100-B, an IEEE802.11b wireless LAN station, the PK-WL102, a VoIP wireless LAN PC card, and a splitter set. Integrated with packet QoS-compatible middleware, the system can handle up to 20 simultaneous VoIP calls over a single wireless LAN network.

The product is capable of supporting data communications and video streaming during VoIP calls. The station costs 68,000 yen ($581 USD), while the VoIP card and the splitter are priced at 15,800 yen ($135 USD) and 9,800 yen ($84 USD), respectively.

The company aims to sell 10,000 units of the ST-Q100-B, 100,000 units of the PK-WL102, and 10,000 splitters over the next three years.

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