Freecom FM-10 Pro USB 2.0 Water Resistant USB Storage

Freecom FM-10 Pro USB 2.0 Water Resistant USB Storage


Freecom has announced the new FM-10 USB Flash Memory Drive for portable safe data storage. The great advantage of this new version is the significantly increased data transfer speed. The FM-10 Pro reads data at max. 6 MB/s and writes it to its flash memory at max. 3 MB/s. Thanks to USB 2.0 support, these transfer rates can be achieved on every modern PC. The FM-10 Pro also comes with the same first-class software suite.

In addition to password-protection and data encryption software, it offers a POP3 e-mail client (AutoMail), PC lock, Magic Disk and a complete compression and encrypting tool (Secure & Zip). With the FM-10 Pro, Freecom continues to focus on the high quality of the sticks – like its predecessors, the new FM-10 Pro is extremely robust, and 100% protected against water and dust.

Whilst the FM-10 was already waterproof, the FM-10 Pro takes this one step further and is now fully water resistant, tested at 3 ATM (20 meters)! The soft-touch surface has been rounded off even more at the sides, so that the new sticks lie very comfortably in the hand. Besides the software suite, the FM-10 Pro comes complete with a USB 2.0 extension cable, 2 years manufacturers warranty and free lost and found service.

The FM-10 Pro USB 2.0 will be available from August 2003 in storage capacities of 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 MB, at recommended retail prices from 49 Euro.

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