Fuji Photo Develops Small Printer For Mobile Phone Cameras


image_57892_largeimagefile Fuji Photo Develops Small Printer For Mobile Phone CamerasFuji Photo Film Co. has developed a compact printer for making hard copies of image data taken with a mobile phone camera and transmitted wirelessly.

With the appearance on the market of mobile phones equipped with high-image-quality 1-megapixel cameras, the company expects demand for printers that offer easy output to rise.

The NP-1 printer is a battery-driven unit that communicates with mobile telephones via infrared signals. For output, the printer uses card-sized film used with instant cameras. Color emerges in the development process, making ink unnecessary.

FujiFilm plans to place the printer on the market in December, selling it for around 20,000 yen (aprox. $230 USD).

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