Ascendent Telecommunications Introduces Industry’s First Bridge Between WiFi and Cellular


Ascendent Telecommunications, a leading developer of mobility and continuity solutions for voice communications, today announced the industry’s first product bridging the gap between WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) and cellular telephony. The announcement was made at the 802.11 Planet Show.

Ascendent is demonstrating how its products bring substantial value to companies on both in-building 802.11 wireless and cellular networks.

“We’re the first to bridge cellular and WiFi for enterprise voice calls,” said Stephen Forte, Ascendent’s chairman and chief executive officer. “People can now use their company phone numbers and dialing patterns in-building on 802.11 wireless devices. Our technology also allows their calls to stay connected while changing modes between 802.11 and cellular if they leave their in-building environment.”

Ascendent products are integrated into a company’s existing data and voice network using circuit connections and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), reducing wireless network infrastructure and usage costs while enhancing mobility. All calls are routed through a company’s PBX or Centex switch, with users able to access many of the same functions and features of their desktop phones using cellular and VoIP devices.

For companies with in-building 802.11 wireless network connectivity, Ascendent helps eliminate the additional infrastructure costs necessary to add mobility by utilizing VoIP technology.

Ascendent product lines, including AscendentMX(TM) and AscendentCS(TM), extend many PBX features, including: Extension dialing from any remote device, simultaneous ringing of up to three devices, one button access to voicemail, call hold, park and transfer, and many other features.

“Many of our customers want to reduce their cellular wireless costs by leveraging their internal wireless LAN infrastructure, while maintaining the flexibility of still being integrated with cellular for use off campus,” said Forte.

Ascendent’s products also work with today’s public wireless access points or “hot spots.” When remote device users step outside a hotspot, Ascendent technology enables the phone call to continue on cellular.

Solution Availability

Ascendent solutions are available to governmental customers through GSA schedule, and other federal and state contracts. GSA Contract #:GS-35F-0115M.

Ascendent technology and services also are distributed to enterprise customers nationwide through Nextel Communications (Nasdaq:NXTL), Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), EDS (NYSE:EDS), Norstan (Nasdaq:NRRD), Toshiba (OTC:TOSBF), and TELUS (NYSE:TU) in Canada.

About Ascendent Telecommunications

Ascendent Telecommunications Inc., located in Los Angeles, is a leading developer of mobility and continuity solutions for voice communications. Its products include AscendentMX(TM), AscendentCS(TM), AscendentCOG(TM), and AscendentRS(TM).

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