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PoGo! Products Releases Radio YourWay Digital AM/FM Radio Recorder

PoGo! Products today introduced Radio YourWay, the first portable digital AM/FM Radio Recorder. With Radio YourWay, users will have the ability to set a timer or record real-time AM/FM radio and listen to their favorite show at a convenient time and location of their choice. Recording is as simple as pressing a button to record a particular broadcast totally unattended or set it up to record daily or weekly programs. Radio YourWay also has the added bonus of the ability to use it as voice-recorder or to listen to skip free MP3 music.

With Radio YourWay’s high quality speaker, the user has the ability to either listen to live or recorded broadcasts, and can also use the earbud headphones for private listening. Additional features include a built in microphone for dictating voice messages.

Using the provided USB cable, users can quickly transfer files between Radio YourWay and their computer giving them the ability to store voice recordings or radio broadcasts on their computer’s hard drive and even download MP3 files to Radio YourWay for near-CD quality music.

Main Features:

· Portable AM/FM Radio.
· 10 Station Pre-Sets
· Record over 4 hours of AM or FM broadcasts for later playback.
· On-the-fly or scheduled recording. Enjoy unattended recording of your favorite AM or FM radiobroadcasts.
· Record over 4 hours of Voice Messages using the built-in microphone.
· Listen to radio or voice recordings through the high quality, built-in speaker or using the included earbud headphones.
· Connects to your PC USB port for the transferring of files.
· SD/MMC expansion slot for adding additional memory.
· It also plays MP3 files!
· Included with Radio YourWay are earbud headphones, USB cable, external FM Antenna, CD with all the required software, 2 AA batteries, neck strap, and a user manual.



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  1. can the files be transferred from your recorder to mp3 player and stored in it ? what kind of memory card do i need ?
    price and shipping cost ?

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