Sharp Unveils 4.6mm-Thick CCD Module Supporting VGA for Cell Phones

Sharp Corp announced the “LZOP371K,” a new compact CCD camera module for cell phones.

The module measures 13mm x 10mm x 4.6mm, and has a volume of 0.6cc. According to Sharp, its new module will make folding-type cell phones thinner than existing models.

LZOP371K supports the VGA resolution (640 x 480 dots). It has 350,000 pixels and employs the flame interline transfer (FIT) method. Its minimum illumination is 1 lux. It also comes with a maximum 7x electronic zoom function similar to an optical zoom.

Sharp will start sample shipments in April and mass production in August. It plans to price it at 5,000 yen for sample shipments and to manufacture 1 million units a month for mass production.

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