CDL Unveils Biometric Secure Linux PDA

Consumer Direct Link, Inc. has unveiled the Paron MPC Linux based Secure PDA. A new generation of secure and portable devices. The Paron MPC can be used as a personal banking terminal, virtual transit card, membership card, electronic credit card and a security access card. The applications are limitless. Running on an Intel SA1110, 206MHz, RISC Microprocessor 16MB RAM, 16MB Flash. Expandable to 32MB. The display is 320×240 touch screen color LCD.

The Paron MPC is also a cellular phone that supports wireless voice and secure data communications via GSM, CDMA, or PHS cellular networks. Without connecting to a personal computer consumers can connect to the internet via the built-in HTML browser. The touch screen allows users to navigate with ease.

Bluetooth technology is incorporated into the device for both wireless data and wireless voice communications via CDL’s Secure Pervasive Computing Networks.

The main security feature is the integrated biometric sensor for strong authentication via fingerprint verification.

Features and Specifications

- Intel SA1110, 206MHz, RISC Microprocessor
- Linux operating system
- 16MB RAM, 16MB Flash. Expandable to 32MB each

- 320×240 touch screen color LCD

- Telephone modem
- Serial port (RS-232)

Bluetooh Wireless Technology
- 2.4GHz band, frequency hopping spread spectrum
- Packet data (TCP/IP/ based)

Cellular Communication
(First version – GSM) – Dual band GSM (900/1800 and 900/1900),
ETSI Phase 2+ compliant, all voice rates
– Short Message Service, Supplementary
– Data
– Talk time: 3 hours
– Stand by timer: 1 week

- HTML browser
- Please contact CDL consulting services for customized applications for your business

- Support for all mandatory algorithms of
- DES, 3DES, RC4
- MD5, SHA-1, HMAC
- Hardware true Random Number Generator
- 1024-bit Hardware Modular Exponentiator
- Secure Hardware storage of key

- Built-in fingerprint sensor
- Biometric template and records are encrypted and secured at server
- Biometric verification via proprietary techniques performed at server

- Built-in antenna for all wireless communication functions
- Lithium Ion battery

- Dimensions: 127mm x 76mm x 25mm
- Weight: 250g

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