Sony Ericsson Unveils the Stereo FM-Radio Hands-Free HPR-20

Today, Sony Ericsson unveiled the stereo FM-radio hands-free HPR-20. This new portable hands-free combines live FM radio in stereo with practical features which make it easy to handle calls. The Sony Ericsson HPR-20 will be available during Q4.

The portable hands-free is one of the most popular accessories among mobile phone owners and a personal stereo is probably one of the most common consumer products.
The HPR-20 combines these two functions so consumers can enjoy listening to the radio while never missing a call, therefore continuing to be entertained, relaxed and informed.

The HPR-20 weighs only 20 grams, so it is convenient to carry and the phone can remain in a pocket or bag at all times. When a call is coming through, the radio is muted and the call can be answered. When the call is finished, the radio comes back on.

The HPR-20 radio and control unit connects to the phone with a cord and comes with a shirt-clip and two stereo earpieces. It has a blue-light display, in which the frequency, channel, volume, channel preset and bass level are shown. The Sony Ericsson HPR-20 will be available during Q4 2002 and is compatible with Sony Ericsson GSM-phones, as well as the most recent Ericsson phones.

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