GP32 GamePark Wireless RF Multiplayer Game System


image_60005_largeimagefile GP32 GamePark Wireless RF Multiplayer Game SystemThe Worlds Most Powerful 32-bit Handheld Console(using ARM9 Handheld Console (using ARM9 Processor)High-performance, High-Definition Graphics, Superior Stereo Sound Quality. Implementing Wireless RF Technology. Up to 4 modules can use any of the 4 channels available on the RF module to play against each other within 10 meters of a line of sight.

A variety of add-on applications enable digital multimedia content including Music Videos, MP3, Moving Images, Text and Images.
The GP32 delivers a significant consumer experience for viewing digital multimedia content on the GP32 platform. GP32 can support content delivered in various media formats.

It offers a powerful integrated Viewer to view text, image and E-book files. The built in MP3 Player boasts its 44.1Khz 16bit Stereo Sound / 4 Channel Wav Mixing 16 Poly S/W MIDI Support / Earphone Port / 2 Speakers.

The GP32 easily connects to any USB port allowing you to connect it to your PC and your local ISP so that you can swap multimedia content delivered in various media formats (MP3 files, image files, text files and etc.)

Features and Specifications

Dimension/Weight – 147mm X 88mm X 34mm(163g)

Display – 3.5″ Reflective TFT LCD(65,536 concurrent colors)

Resolution – 320 X 240 pixel

CPU – 32-bit RISC CPU(ARM9)


ROM – 512K

Sound – 44.1Khz 16 bit Stereo Sound / 4 Channel Wav Mixing,
16Poly S/W MIDI Support / Earphone Port / 2 Speakers

External Storage Medium – Smart Media Card (SMC)

Wireless Multiplayer Gaming – 4-Channel RF Module

PC Connection – USB Port Connection

Power Supply – 2AA batteries (12 hours use time between charges) /
DC 3V Adapter

Option – Rechargeable Battery

Controls – 8-way directional pad (joystick) + Durable 6 key button

MP3 Capability – MPEG ( ¥°, ¥±) Audio Support

Other Add-on Applications – Image Viewer, Text Viewer, Media Player, E-Book Viewer

RF Module – 2.4GHz ISM Band

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