Planex Communications Launches USB-based Bluetooth Adaptor


image_60155_largeimagefile Planex Communications Launches USB-based Bluetooth AdaptorPlanex Communications Inc. announced a small-sized Bluetooth adaptor called “GW-BH02U” that connects via a USB port.

This is a compact adaptor with outer dimensions of 18.6mm wide by 46mm deep by 9.5mm high, and it weighs 8g. It is open-priced and its expected retail price is assumed to be 5,480 yen. The company will start selling it in mid-July.

The GW-BH02U will be available for Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP-based PCs. It supports the Bluetooth serial port service that allows PCs to identify Bluetooth communications as using serial ports. Therefore, it supports dial-up connections via Bluetooth-based modems, LAN connections, file transfer between PCs, data exchanges of name card files between devices equipped with Bluetooth, and others.

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