Hitachi to Introduce Processor for Mobile Phone with Digital Camera

Hitachi Ltd. in July will start sample shipments of the “SH7294,” a processor featuring enhanced functions for mobile phones with a built-in digital camera.

The company plans to start its mass production in October.

The SH7294 is connected to the baseband LSI of a mobile phone system, and performs dedicated processing of multimedia applications such as audio and videos. It can be directly connected to a VGA-sized camera (640 x 480 pixels), which is expected to be the most popular type for the next-generation mobile phones. The SH7294 enables electronic zoom display and overlapping screen display of different images taken with the built-in camera.

Development of mobile phone systems has become more complex along with the increase of various highly functioning applications for games or video distributions, requiring a longer development period and cost. In order to cope with this trend, terminal manufacturers have started mounting a baseband LSI for communication processing onto their terminals, in addition to the application-processing LSI.

The SH7294 is being released amid this trend. As for the CPU core, the “SH3-DSP” is incorporated for multimedia devices such as a digital camera. The operating frequency is 120MHz.

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