The Targus PDA Convenient “Stick On” Mouse

The Targus PDA Convenient “Stick On” Mouse


image_60561_largeimagefile The Targus PDA Convenient "Stick On" MouseThe Targus PDA Mouse is a convenient “stick on” mouse that allows full cursor control for your Palm OS PDA and is the ultimate convenience tool for navigating around the Palm OS PDA screen. Utilizing built in hot key functions and a control bar, the Targus PDA mouse eliminates the use of stylus, pens as well as your fingertip.


PDA Mouse
Completely eliminates the need for a Stylus
PDA Mouse allows for full cursor control
Easy to install! Simply press the PDA Mouse onto your PDA
Perfect add on for any keyboard – Targus Stowaway or Targus ThumbPad
(Can also be used alone without a keyboard)
Activates all commands and menus with your finger
Use your finger for cursor control

Technical Specs:

Compatible with:
– All Palm PDA’s
– All Handspring PDA’s
– All Sony PDA’s
– HandEra PDA’s

System Requirements

PDA – Palm OS Version 3.0 or above
– Palm Desktop Software (for installing the PRC)

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