Samsung Unveils SPH-X7000 Mobile Phone With Removable Cover and Colour LCD

Samsung Electronics is introducing a new folder-type mobile phone (model: SPH-X7000) with removable external cover. Users can choose various cover designs that slide on and off the folder, allowing for individual taste. The product is aimed at young people, who are concerned about fashion trends.

The SPH-X7000 comes with a UFB-LCD (for “ultra-fine & brightness liquid crystal display,” developed exclusively by Samsung) capable of reproducing up to 65,000 colors. The phone also has a 40-chord progression polyphonic ring tone.

The external light-emitting diode (LED) can be preset to flash one of seven different colors (blue, orange, violet, etc.) depending on the incoming call. Thus, the user knows immediately who is calling.

The SPH-X7000 also features the “Avatar Editing Function,” with various screen background graphics for young people. Users can also log onto the Anycall website ( to get downloads that are Avatar compatible.

A Samsung Electronics spokesperson says, “We expect our mobile phone with color LCD and removable cover to be a big hit with youth. This product is targeted at young people and should drive demand for mobile phones with color displays.”

The SPH-X7000 will retail for under KRW 600,000 in Korea.

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