Fujifilm to Market the FinePix S602 Digital Camera Capable of 6.03 MegaPixel Output


image_60740_largeimagefile Fujifilm to Market the FinePix S602 Digital Camera Capable of 6.03 MegaPixel OutputFuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. announced a new digital camera named “FinePix S602” with a 3.1-million-pixel CCD and a 6x optical zoom.

Using both external auto focus (AF) sensor and a CCD called “AF-CCD” that uses the contrast of pictures for focusing, the camera’s auto focus is faster than conventional ones. It also features a maximum output of 6.03 million pixels of data by using Fujifilm’s proprietary technology for processing signals.

The company plans to release the FinePix S602 on April 22, and priced at $995 USD.

As the ISO sensitivity can be set at up to 1600, FinePix S602 can take photos in dark places and at sporting events, which require a high-speed shutter. It has an improved “MEGA continuous shooting” function, which can take 40 consecutive photos — one shot every 0.6 seconds, and the “cycle continuous shooting” function, which allows users to take five shots — one every 0.2 seconds — just before taking a finger off its shutter button. The camera also has a macro shooting function that allows the tip of the lens to approach up to a one-centimeter distance from an object. These functions target intermediate to highly skilled photographers.

The main features of FinePix S602 are as follows: the image sensor is a 1/1.7-in. CCD; f/2.8-f/11; and a 35-210mm lens at the conversion of a 35mm-camera equivalent. Still images can be taken at 2,832 x 2,128 dots, 2,048 x 1,538 dots, 1,280 x 960 dots, and 640 x 480 dots. Moving images can be recorded at 640 x 480 dots or 320 x 240 dots at 30 frames per second.

The camera has two types of slots, both for SmartMedia and a MicroDrive, and a 1.8-in. LCD monitor. It needs four AA alkaline batteries or nickel-metal hydride batteries as a power source.

It measures 121mm x 97mm x 81.5mm, and weighs about 500g (excluding batteries).

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