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Multimedia Communicator Combines Dual-Band GSM Phone, GPS Receiver

BSmart Solutions has unveiled the BSmart Communicator, a smart phone earmarked by the company as the new-generation multimedia phone integrating a PDA and a portable GPS device.

The BSmart Communicator, which is part of the firm’s BSmart Location-based Services (LBS) Solutions Suite, incorporates GSM/GPRS and GPS technologies. It also integrates wireless emergency services (WES) support, which can pinpoint a mobile user’s location to relay to emergency dispatch services like fire, ambulance and police units.

Measuring 129 by 73 by 19mm and weighing 200g, this silver-gray device runs on an Intel StrongARM RISC processor. It has 32M mass storage memory and 64M SDRAM working storage memory. The 3/5-inch TFT active-matrix display has a resolution of 240dpi by 320dpi.

The dual-band EGSM900/GSM1800 GPRS device is a multislot class 8 supporting voice, data, SMS and fax. It comes with a Bluetooth handsfree kit. As a PDA, the BSmart Communicator features PIM, Pocket Office with IE and Outlook, and MP3 and video capabilities. As a navigator, the GPS receiver has 12 channels. It supports multipath mitigation for maximum positioning accuracy and single-satellite position update capabilities.



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