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Matsushita Electric Introduces Desktop PC with Dual LCD Screens

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. introduced on Jan. 23 a desktop PC called Panacom LC/W with two 15-inch (1,024 x 768 dots) LCD monitors arranged side by side. The LCD screens can be arranged so that they can be used either in a portrait or a landscape form. The new model will be put on sale on March 8 and the retail price through direct marketing is $2000 USD.

The Panacom LC/W is an LCD model whose HDD is at the base of the LCD monitors. The LCD part and the main body are detachable, and the main body only can be replaced with a new one in the future.

Also, Matsushita is introducing a single-screen model (price starts from 193,000 yen) and that model can be upgraded to the dual-screen type.

By putting two screens in parallel, users can utilize it as a large-scale display or show the same content on two screens. Also, by arranging two monitors in opposite ways, two users — over a counter sitting different ends — can see the same content on the two screens.

The major specifications of the main body include a 1GHz Celeron, 128MB main memory (max. 512MB), ATI Mobility with 32MB video memory, two units of M6C graphics, 20GB HDD, CD-ROM drive, LAN interface, and two external display terminals.

A single-screen model has one graphics unit and one external display terminal. The installed OS is Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP Professional. Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 is available only for a single screen model.



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