Samsung Unveils Mobile Phone with Color LCD and 40-polyphonic Ring Tones

Today’s mobile phone ring tones are even going beyond the sounds of an orchestra performance to mimic the sounds of nature. Samsung Electronics introduced the first mobile phone featuring 16-polyphony melodies last year. Now the company is coming out with a 40-polyphonic version that takes sound quality to new heights.

The SCH-X290, with color LCD and 40-polyphonic ring tone, will be available in stores next week before Lunar New Year holidays (only inside Korea). The 16-polyphonic ring tone models have been market leaders so far, but the SCH-X290 will raise the competitive stakes considerably.

40-polyphony generates sounds very close to those experienced in nature. Moreover, Samsung’s latest mobile phone sports a color STN-LCD that provides bright and clear images.

An externally mounted camera is also included, allowing the user to take still photos with the SCH-X290 and send them wirelessly. The LCD is large enough to accommodate 12 lines of text, making Web browsing and other multi-media functions easier to use.

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