Sony to Sell VAIO Desktop with LCD, TV Tuner, Stowaway Keyboard in Spring 2002

Sony Corp. said it will add its latest all-in-one “VAIO W” desktop with an LCD in the spring of 2002 to its VAIO series, which also can be used as a television.

It has the built-in LCD and keyboard. The keyboard is linked with the lower part of the display. It can be folded for easy storage and to save space. And it can be easily pulled down in front for use.

With the keyboard stored in it, the LCD can be used as a clock or a mini stereo component for listening to music.

Sony said the new model will have a DVD drive built-in and TV functionality, though it didn’t elaborate on the details of the specifications.

It is believed that the VAIO W will have a TV tuner card inside the PC, given the fact that its PCs have the similar built-in TV tuner card. The new model will likely have a TV recording capability that works with GigaPocket software.

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